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Q&A w/ CEO

Reinventing a health system for success

Learn about the Bassett Healthcare and Ƶ partnership.



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Improving a health system's performance

The goal of the Bassett Healthcare Network and Ƶ partnership was first to put in place the mechanisms that could drive strong cost savings. They wanted to then use those savings to help support growth and innovation investments in the future.

The relationship focused on modernizing operational performance through end-to-end revenue cycle management, information technology infrastructure management and enhanced analytics capabilities. This approach helped to enable savings, growth and investment in innovation.

Ƶ tools are embedded into the revenue cycle management and IT components, which will drive improved financial performance for Bassett. Top priorities included process improvement, automation and helping Bassett to become more efficient in managing its applications.

Bassett Healthcare and Ƶ will collaborate to drill down and shift the focus to social determinants of health and the population health management of the community.

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